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A PalmOS emulator for the web


CloudpilotEmu is a web-based emulator for PalmOS. It emulates dragonball based devices and supports PalmOS up to version 4.x. CloudpilotEmu is based on the original POSE emulator. Currrently, the following devices are supported:

CloudpilotEmu can be run as a web page or as a mobile app on phones and tables. The list of features includes

You can download supported ROMs on PalmDB.

Launch CloudpilotEmu!

CloudpilotEmu embedded

There is an embedded version of CloudpilotEmu that allows you to embed the emulator into your own web pages. Check out the documentation for more details.


CloudpilotEmu is a strictly client side application. It stores the data that you enter locally on your device and does not transmit any of it over the network.